About MMCA

Affiliated to the University of Pune and recognized by AICTE, MMCA is the first unaided, well established and most prestigious private institute of architecture in Maharashtra established in 1985.

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Why MMCA | From the Principal's Desk

   Mission Statement

  • To act as a catalyst for empowering our students to become better individuals. 

  • To effectively impart knowledge, develop skills, provide opportunities with a commitment to integrity, innovation and excellence.

  • To endeavour to work towards the promotion of World-class Education with emphasis on values in life as our core concern. To be in harmony with our students' aspirations. 

  • To create a collaborative, dynamic and pleasant climate in which team members feel cared for and invigorated. To build an Institution that is resilient, flexible and productive so as to provide career, growth and self-fulfillment. 

  • To work with a missionary zeal and be responsive to the social environment for attaining high ethical standards by giving as much importance to means as to ends.






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