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Affiliated to the University of Pune and recognized by AICTE, MMCA is the first unaided, well established and most prestigious private institute of architecture in Maharashtra established in 1985.

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The college believes in offering programme of studies in various disciplines to encourage both boys & girls to attain high standards of education. This would enable them to have confidence and a sense of responsibility to assure useful and active role as professionals in the field of Architecture. The college is eager to develop the hidden talents even in the average students and would concentrate equally on the merit holders as well as the average students. 

Our efforts are to have a varied faculty who are involved with the uplift of the average student by attending to their individual needs. For this we strive to maintain a high staff student ratio. 

There are today many schools of thoughts and atoms in architecture. Post modernization being one of the latest our education is to expose the students through distinguished guest speakers to such new ideas and concepts without binding them to any one school.




The academic results, every year, show that MMCA continues to be at the forefront of Architectural education. MMCA enhances the student's experience by offering the finest environment for personal and academic development. 
The technical and practical knowledge of the students is further enhanced by regular class and studio work as well as instructions from visiting lecturers who are actively engaged in the profession. The young faculty is dynamic and the class environment is conducive to deep study in the field of architecture. The well stocked library is constantly republished with new arrivals to encourage research in the advanced levels of classes.

Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics & British Council Library are situated in the close-by vicinity can also benefit the students from extra access to library and expertise.
The College encourages every First Year batch to study human settlement and village environment through case-study of Kelshi Village located in Konkan - region of Western Maharashtra.








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