Scope of Field

After graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture degree, the scope in the field is very wide. Besides opting for Post graduation in various disciplines like Town Planning, Urban Design, Conservation, Traffic and...


Transportation, Housing, Landscape Architecture, Product Design, Set Design, Project Management. Students have other professional options like teaching, specialised practice in various fields of architecture for  Designing both architecture & interiors projects etc. Set Design & Landscape / Environmental Design can also be pursued if one is equipped with Bachelor of Architecture degree.     

Hence an Architect can perform various multifaceted roles in the society, that of an Interior/Landscape/Set/ Graphic Designer, Urban / Town Planner, Project Manager, Film Director, Conservationist, Professor & the like.   




Social and behavioral science, cultural anthropology, history of architecture and human settlements, art, design and technology, indoor and outdoor spaces. Appreciation of visual arts and aesthetics. 



Basic design - process and analysis, creative workshops, space planning graphics design, furniture details.





  • The institute lays stress on co-curricular activities like guest lectures of eminent experts from the profession, workshop such as 

  • Carpentry Workshop 

  • Clay Workshop 

  • Creativity Workshop 

  • Textile Workshop 

  • Metal Workshop 

  • Model Making Workshop 

  • Presentation Techniques Workshop

  • Material seminars Workshop 

  • Industrial Presentation Workshop 

  • Site Visit 

  • A-CAD Training 

  • Study Tour - Architectural Design

  • Annual Social 

  • Cultural Programmes 

  • Indoor & Outdoor Sports
















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